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NFT Collection

The collection consists of 9999 unique NFTs generated from over 100 different individual pieces. Every single NFT is unique and has special characteristics. With a little luck, you will receive rare unique pieces that will make you one of 200 winners of the competition. Maybe even YOU will win the grand prize worth 100'000 CHF.


In addition to various stainless-steel wristbands, we also have a leather and rubber wristband line to make our collection even more diverse. In total there are over 20 different bracelets.

Crypto Clock logo.png


The Crypto-Clocks have many different crowns that can come in different variations. If you are lucky, you will acquire a RGB crown collection

Roolex fertig - Kopie - Kopie (1).png


The dials have been modeled after all the famous masterpieces. Each watch has been provided with one of many different dials. With new drops, special unique pieces are made, which you can then win in the form of real watches.

Ziffernblatt 1.png

Crypto Clock Collection explained

We are launching our 9999 unique NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain via Open Sea. Already during the launch, holders can win prizes. When minting is complete, we will award our grand prize worth approximately CHF 100,000.

After the minting is completed, the main prize worth 100'000 CHF will be raffled among all holders. After this raffle, further drops with raffles will follow at regular intervals. More detailed information will be published at the end of phase 3.

To the raffle

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