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What makes Crypto Clock Collection different from other collections?

We have seen many NFT collections start successfully, but over time the community gets smaller and the collection never reaches its full potential. Often they are scams where the only goal is to sell all the NFTs and pocket the money. Crypto Clock Collection is different. We want to build a sustainable community where loyal holders are rewarded and as many as possible benefit.

How do you plan to achieve this goal?

We want to create reasons that give our collection a long-term value. Starting with the Minting competition, 200 people have the chance to win prizes already during the Minting. So we want to give something back to the community right at the beginning.

What happens after the Minting?

After the minting phase 4 will start. Phase 4 contains further raffles for the community. How big the prizes will be depends on the community. The bigger the community gets, the bigger the prizes will be. It depends on the volume of trade, because we want to give a large part of the revenue we earn from trading the collection back to the community in the form of sweepstakes. 

How is it decided when a competition starts?

That is decided by the community. We want to create a democratic approach where everyone can have a say. This means that we start a survey in the community before a raffle, where everyone can decide whether we start a raffle with, for example, 100,000CHF or wait until we have 200,000.

Which prizes are possible?

Everything is possible, we start with well-known watch brands. Which watch exactly, we will decide via votes by the community. We are planning a small series of watches specially adapted for the community. A part will be given away among the community and the rest will be sold by auction. However, Holder will have a right of first purchase at the auction.

What are the advantages for Holder?

With many collections, there are rarely any real advantages to holding them. That is why they often lose value over time. With us it is different. Because every Holder automatically takes part in new competitions, which take place with us.  This means that you always have the chance to win something. The only condition is to be an active member of the community. If you win a competition, you have to contact us. If this does not happen within a week, a new winner will be drawn.

What happens when you launch more collections?

If we were to launch Crypto Clock Collection 2, nothing would change. All previous holders would have the same rights to the new collection as well as the old one.  We would only increase the number of participants in the competitions so that even more people can benefit. However, this will only happen when the community reaches a size where this step makes sense. If and how this will happen will again be decided by the community.

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